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We prepare 8th grade, high school, and college student-athletes to attend college, graduate with a college degree, and start a professional career that they love and can use to be impactful in their community.

The 26% & 40% College Stats

26% of Collegiate Student-Athletes are Kicked Out or Drop Out of College by the End of their Freshmen Year. 


Only 40% of People that Enroll into College, Graduate with a Bachelor Degree within 4 1/2 Years. 

Next Level Skills Prep's goal is to off set these 2 statistics by developing the skills and knowledge needed to overcome all of the challenges that comes with attending college. Program participants develop realistic expectations and a plan to take advantage of the college experience that will lead to a degree and a fulfilling career. 


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Player Reviews

Player & Parent Reviews

"The Next Level Skills program is an awesome program for any athlete. Coach Pope teaches life outside of basketball. He emphasizes that education should be top priority and that to me is very important for any athlete to remember. His monthly video newsletter is a great way to see athletes who have gone through the program and their progress. The opportunity to volunteer is also a great way for young athletes, such as my son, to help out in the community. I am grateful for a program like this one." - Nina Lowery, Mother of '25 Student-Athlete 

"Coach Pope identifies to his players the importance of getting a degree. Not just playing sports in college but becoming a successful person in the working class realm." Erric Adams, Welch College '23

"Coach Pope has been working with my son over a year now and it was the best decision we have every made. The program is dependable, consistent, and positive for young men and women's futures. Coach pope is not only worried about them as athletes, but overall young adults. He wants them to succeed in life. College prep, community involvement, and helping others have been just a few things my son has come home talking about since joining this program. Coach Pope has somehow become part of our extended family, just as I witnessed him do with many other families." - Christina Bannister,  Mother of '24 Student-Athlete 

My son has been active with Next Level Skills going on three years now and we couldn’t be more happier with the impact this organization has made on him both athletically and academically. Since our involvement we have had the opportunity to serve our community by volunteering in a food drive, we have participated in fundraising events to raise money for our youth, we have taken advantage of the (free) ACT prep course, we are enrolled in the “Guide Through College Athletic Recruiting  and College Prep” course. Coach Pope and all of his team have also been active with my son on a personal bases by encouraging him to believe in his abilities. We are beyond grateful for what this organization has provided and continues to provide for our family. Thank you for all you do!" - Tiffaney Badgett, Mother of '23 Student- Athlete 

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Tel: 614-284-4261 (Call or Text)

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Compass Center at Valor College Prep

4523 Nolensville Pike

Nashville, TN 37211 

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